In The Middle of Somewhere (August 2018) Canwood Gallery and Sculpture Park

Captive (left): Debris, grit, soil, glue, charcoal, pastel, acrylic paint, sand, ash, dough, stones, glue, pastel. 66cm (high) x 44cm (wide).

Cave Painting (right): Grit, chalk, charcoal, sand, ash, dough, stones, glue, pastel 55cm (high) x 48cms (wide).

Fragmented Memories: Wooden  Blocks, photographed photocopied paper, adhesive covering 70cm (high) x 44cm (wide)

Open all Media Exhibition (Spring, 2017) RBSA Birmingham

Contours: charcoal, acrylic,oil, paint, gesso on paper, 128cm (high) x 35cm (wide) 

The Summer Exhibition Royal Academy (Shortlisted) (Summer 2016)

Shadow Acrylic paint, watercolour, charcoal, chalk 60cm (high) x 44cm (wide)