I live and work in Herefordshire, United Kingdom.

Imaginings of my birthplace: Vancouver Canada, nestled between the ocean and mountains and memories of a  childhood in the Midlands countryside, has permeated and influenced my practice.

My selected sculptural paintings explore humanness and abjection. Through narratives they navigate outside-in, inside-out and reside in the in-between.

My artwork incorporates abjection whilst drawing on Kleinian thinking and experience as a Child Psychotherapist.

Feminist, Psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva in The Powers of Horror (1982) describes the hidden power of abjection- that we encounter in our everyday lives and is integral to our identity.

Intrigued by the ‘fragile border’ that lies between beauty and disgust my sculptural work explores the abject, revealing phantasised Kleinian part objects that can occupy our internal worlds (Klein, 1956).

In the making process I attempt to reclaim, transform and combine natural, manufactured and organic materials. Imbued with emotional memories I give the materials space, follow their rhythm, malleability and resistance.

Through an interactive process the materials redefine gender and socially constructed phallocentric binary views of the body and mind (Grosz 1994 ), (Butler 2006).

My sculptural work can simultaneously fascinate and repulse challenging the viewer to explore hidden and culturally unpalatable physical and psychological aspects of ourselves.