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I live and work in Herefordshire, United Kingdom.

Early sensory connections to my birthplace, Vancouver Canada, nestled between the ocean and mountains and memories of a  childhood in the Midlands countryside, permeates my practice.

My practice explores humanness- navigating outside-in, inside-out and the in-between.

My artwork incorporates my surroundings, explores  beginnings, endings, our bodies, identity, drawing on Kleinian thinking, motherhood, abjection (Kristeva. J, The Powers of Horror (1982) ) and my experience as a Child Psychotherapist.

Intrigued by the fragile border between our conscious and unconscious my sculptural forms and non-forms explore our internal and external landscapes.

In the making process I fuse and transform things. Combining natural and manufactured materials, giving  them space, following their rhythm, malleability and resistance. Imbued with emotional memories they acquire a life of their own.

My sculptural work can simultaneously attract and repel, evoke complex emotions by revealing imagined physical and psychological aspects of ourselves.

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