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Wendy’s artwork explores beginnings, endings, our bodies, our minds- humanness.

Her making is intuitive and spontaneous as she follows the sensory rhythm of found, natural and  manufactured materials from her everyday surroundings. Her sculptural paintings combine and transform debris, mud, brambles, muslin, plastic, dough, baby wipes.

As a Child Psychotherapist Wendy is intrigued by the conscious and unconscious interplay between our internal and external worlds. Her artwork reveals what we shy away from, what is considered hidden and taboo-an ‘in-between place’ where  humanness resides.

Wendy’s raw, fragile yet resilient non-binary artwork reflects the dichotomy of being human and what shapes our identity.

By giving agency to unconventional materials Wendy creates surprising juxtapositions, uncomfortable tensions and intriguing connections. She encourages the viewer to be part of a dynamic interactive process exploring humanity in an uncertain and changing world.

Wendy's Studio: Welcome
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